Maret 2015

GEG in Asia Pacific – Indonesia : Growing and Glowing!

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GEGs in Indonesia are growing fast with 11 more communities incubating in the last 2 months. In January came three more Jakarta chapters with GEG East Jakarta, GEG Tebet, GEG North Jakarta and a one chapter in GEG Tangsel. GEG East Jakarta and GEG Tebet welcomed it’s members with an inaugural meet-up in mid-January.

During the Valentine’s month GEG Malang, GEG Kalimantan Timur, GEG Bulukumba and GEG Sulawesi Selatan blossomed with their inaugural meet-up and workshop, reaching over a hundred fifty teachers from 70 schools during that week for love (love for teaching!).

On the other hand, GEG West Jakarta has gone full speed ahead with their professional development workshop series. They held a workshop last January with over 100 teachers and have scheduled a series of workshops to prepare their members to take the GET.

GEG Tangsel and GEG Garut have also conducted workshops following the GEG curriculum.

(Philip Tanpoco Jr (2015) GEG in Asia Pacific – Indonesia : Growing and Glowing!. GEG Asia Pacific,Google)

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